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  Butterfly World

    True Story.  It's a teacher's workday and the nine year old wants to see the Giant 3-D picture show at the mega-theater.  After about an hour in line a person with a walkie-talkie starts walking down the line to explain that the show is sold-out and the next show starts in three hours.  This after an hour wait in line for a sub-par sub-sandwich at the under-manned sub-shop.  My serenity is shot.  Arggggggg...., And then, Butterfly World to the rescue.  Thirty minutes later I am surrounded by lush cool flora, listening to classical music, seeing butterflies of every description.  I am one with the universe, and the nine year old is having a blast too!

Butterfly World is located in Ft. Lauderdale west of I-95.  Click image for directions.

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