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Giogio's Bakery
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Giorgio's Bakery & Market

800 N. Ocean Drive Hollywood , FL 33019

  Stay Away, Awful Service, Bad Food, Attack Birds and Over Priced.

We arrived at 10:15 am on a Friday morning a good natured party of six for brunch.  As we looked around for a place to sit we noticed two open tables that could have easily met our needs.  Instead the manager made a brief (and only appearance) pointed in the direction of the parking lot, bark out some words that I could not hear and disappeared.  Though there were several open tables, we stood waiting for well over twenty minutes just to be seated (10:35).  Still I was with friends and resolved to not have our morning ruined.

Giorgio's had other ideas.... Once seated we waited another ten minutes for someone to take our beverage order (10:45), ice tea, water.   Fifteen minutes later arrives our coffee (I couldn't drink mine) (11:00).  The waiter practically shoved me away from the table to place his beverage tray on our too small table.  As he left to get the cream (apparently they don't serve much coffee with cream here) the table rocked so badly that coffee, tea and water painted the surface of the table and one of our party was forced to hunt down napkins.   

By now I am doing all I can to remain calm.  Here comes the cream and we order.  Thirty minutes later on in our party has to leave to attend a school function for her children.  She excuses herself and explains she will go inside and ask for her order to be boxed to go (11:30).

Ten more minutes later the food arrives (11:40).   The omelets looked okay, the waffle was okay, the bacon was raw.  I was paranoid they actually had it in for us so I just ordered the fruit.  Four Pineapple slivers not ripe, six melon slivers, handful of dirty strawberries and a half a sliced banana eight dollars.  They should be ashamed of them selves.

At 11:50 am the waiter arrives with the box of to go food our friend apparently gave-up on.  He fully expected us to pay for this.....amazing.  The check was adjusted after their oversight was explored.  Fifty dollars for brunch for five plus ten dollars tip.  I would have skipped the tip but my gracious friends were too kind.  So the message will be delivered via this review.

No one expressed even the slightest remorse for our poor treatment leaving me to conclude this is just how they roll.

Well I for one will never buy a Roll from Giorgio's Bakery & Market again.



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