The Nature of Consciousness, the Universe and Everything

An inquiry into emergent consciousness from microbe to humans and beyond

by Alex Milov







the cauldron 


It is widely believed we use only ten percent of the brain and think only one thought at a time.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The brain is always "on the air" processing many facets dynamic, transitional and relational signal transfer all of the time.  It has hair-trigger sensitivity and is continually firing off signal sequences in response to the flood of messages from both within and outside the system.  Even at rest, the brain is like a boiling cauldron of many separate yet associated facets of signal transfer induced consciousness.  There is always much more going on than meets the eye.


We "consciously" experience only those aspects of thought breaking the surface of the cauldron thereby making it into overt awareness.  These ideas emerge most directly from our language based association networks.  What most people think of as consciousness is just the surface layer of a vast deeply textured highly interactive signal transfer process.  The language based veneer of consciousness is the story we tell ourselves about ourselves.  It is what most people think of as reality, but reality is much more than language based processing......



The Nature of Consciousness, the Universe and Everything

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