The Nature of Consciousness, the Universe and Everything

An inquiry into emergent consciousness from microbe to humans and beyond

by Alex Milov









We understand the cosmos through disassembly and analysis of the elements and systems from which it is made.  Elements come together to form systems and systems come together to form the universe.  Understanding emerges as we compare and contrast the shifting properties of elements and systems under consideration. 


Elements and systems interact in a dynamic transitional and relational way.  The properties of a system differ from the properties of its elements in the same way a book differs from a collection of words.  When a collection of words becomes dynamically, transitionally, and relationally associated, it becomes a book and understanding emerges from the analysis of its elements. 

    Since understanding emerges through disassembly and analysis, it makes sense as elements come together to form new systems, the new systems exhibit new emergent properties.  Life, the universe, and everything manifests from an infinite array of continually interacting elements and systems combining, disassembling, and recombining again to form ever new systems with ever new emergent properties.....



The Nature of Consciousness, the Universe and Everything

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