The Nature of Consciousness, the Universe and Everything

An inquiry into emergent consciousness from microbe to humans and beyond

by Alex Milov







Motivation and behavior


Animal life usually begins with the joining of sperm and egg.  The newly formed zygote undergoes rapid transformation through cellular division and differentiation which is remarkably similar across species.  As the newly differentiated cells become the tissues, organs, and systems of the developing organism the emerging heart begins to beat, the cells destined to become skeletal muscle start to twitch and the early nervous system fires to life forming the initial connections setting the stage for higher consciousness to come into being.  It is an amazing process. 

Each stage of development is affected by the environment, so learning, broadly defined, takes place even in utero.  From its earliest beginnings to the end of life, the nervous system senses and adapts to change.  The poor prognosis following injury suggested a nervous system fixed in place sometime during adolescence.  We now know, though the rate of change slows down, the nervous system continues to adapt and change throughout the entire lifespan.  

    All behavior is motivated....


The Nature of Consciousness, the Universe and Everything

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