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Pelican Square
Croton Arms
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Pelican Square

Pelican Square is the center point of the community located about 150 feet from the beach/pier and surrounded with shops and restaurants branching out a block in each direction.  Beyond that you'll find plenty of really nice accommodations (most AAA or SSL) stretching out north and south for about a mile.  All this just a few miles north and worlds away from Fort Lauderdale.  It almost feels like Disneyland in its small town quaintness.  Only the most jaded could possibly disapprove.


Restaurants on the Square


    Mulligan's is a self described neighborhood Grill & raw bar serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I loved the ambiance, kind of a Key's style atmosphere with drinks and a surprising variety of tasty sounding items on the menu.  You'll find conch fritters, shrimp, lobster, oysters, ribs, too much to list here.  Smelled good to me, I'll add to this report After I sample their fare! 


    Well as in all south Florida Tourist communities, parking meters are strictly enforced in the most popular areas (a good source of revenue for the city!) and on the day I reviewed this area I found a free spot to park at the Aruba restaurant early in the morning before they opened.  I knew that a few quick pictures and menu would be all I needed so parked my car with the clearly marked "" sign on the bumper and began my mission.  Ten minutes later, after capturing the images  and  a few menus, I returned to my car to find a rather grumpy manager with no time to provide a menu for me to report.  The location is fantastic and I am pretty sure they serve food!  In fairness, I bet they have to deal with parking issues all the time and it was early.  Hay, Aruba .... e-mail me your menu and I'll tell the folks what you serve!  Comp me a dinner for two and I'll tell them how that goes too!

The Village Grille

The Village Grille offers breakfast, lunch and dinner (and so the manager was wide awake when I got there and happily handed me a copy of each of their three menus straight out of the menu books usually presented to diners).  They have a breakfast special (2 eggs, bacon or sausage, home fries, toast and coffee) at around $5.00 with steak and eggs at $10.00.   Lunch will run between $10.00 and $15.00 dollars dinner will run you between $15.00 and $20.00 not including drinks.  Both the lunch and dinner menus include a nice variety of chicken, beef and fish.  I enjoyed dinner there a month or so ago and found it to be a very nice experience (they didn't know I would be reporting). I really like this place and I know you will too! 


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