The Nature of Consciousness, the Universe and Everything

An inquiry into emergent consciousness from microbe to humans and beyond

by Alex Milov






the order of effects of consciousness


People enjoy art because art illuminates truth.  It does so in some surprising ways.  Artistic insights tend to emerge from associations operating below language based processing.  Non-language-based neural association networks are more directly connected to "reality" than language based connections because they lack the additional layers of abstraction and ambiguity inherent in language based processing.  Art is popular because it resonates with these deeper levels of consciousness.  In short, Art feels good because art reflects Truth.  Arthur C. Clarke's novel and movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey is an example of artistic insight illuminating the effects of dishonesty on mental health.

The story features a sentient computer managing the systems onboard a spacecraft during a long duration flight to Jupiter....



The Nature of Consciousness, the Universe and Everything

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